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Photographing meals ‘could help weight loss’ – Telegraph

By Kate Devlin Medical Correspondent

Last Updated: 9:39PM BST 03 Sep 2008

Slimmers began to eat healthier food when they were asked to take a picture of what they were eating, scientists found.

The pictures appear to have concentrated the dieters’s mind at just the right time, before they were about to eat, the researchers who carried out the study believe.

Photographs were also more effective at encouraging volunteers to watch what they ate than traditional written food diaries. “More…

(Via Photographing meals ‘could help weight loss’ – Telegraph.)

What all the diet book have in common

If you’ve read any diet books then you know that it can be pretty confusing. Hundred of pages of science, theory, and recipes. Maybe it will help, may not. Are they all really different?

Diet book writers have to focus on a small aspect of your metabolism. So ehy tell you to avoid protein, or carbs, or add fiber or omega 3 oils. Even though they all agree on one thing, we read the books and focus on the other things.

What do they all agree on? You need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. That’s a good place for you to start.

Change Your Tastes

Eating is a combination of habits and what’s near….

Please share you challenges in this area. Do you know what to eat

fit? How to cook fit? Thanks!