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Women in the Workplace… It Pays to be Thin


From: CNBC

How do people’s weight effect them in the workplace?

Very thin women = higher pay {avg. $15,000 more)
More weight = smaller salary


Just the opposite…


That’s really not fair, but you are basically being shut out of a performance based salary by your weight. ~ Gigi

Strategy for Impulsive Eating

Remember when you pigged out on birthday cake? If you’re an impulsive eater, that memory might help you choose a fruit salad next time around.

When it comes to tempting or fattening foods, some people are a lot more impulsive than others. And according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, impulsive people think and act differently than non-impulsive people after they remember a time when they resisted or succumbed to temptation.

Authors Anirban Mukhopadhyay (University of Michigan), Jaideep Sengupta (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), and Suresh Ramanathan (University of Chicago) assessed the impulsivity of participants in four related studies. They had participants recall instances where they gave in to temptation or resisted it. In addition to making hypothetical food choices, participants also had opportunities to eat cookies or cheeseballs—without knowing their consumption was being tracked. In the case of impulsive people, ‘…thinking about failure may actually beget success,’ write the authors.

‘We propose and find that chronically non-impulsive individuals display behavior consistency over time—resisting when they recall having resisted earlier. In contrast, impulsive individuals show a switching pattern, resisting current temptations if they recall having succumbed, and vice versa,’ write the authors.

‘So what is it that makes people succumb to temptation, time after sinful time? We suggest that the likelihood of a repeat act of indulgence depends on what people recall doing the previous time they were faced with a similar choice,’ the authors write. ‘In general, chronically impulsive people are more likely to feel this conflict between the two forces—of giving in and holding back, while those who tend to be less impulsive are also less likely to experience such a struggle.’

The results of this study suggest ways to improve the health of both impulsive and non-impulsive consumers. Both groups did a better job of resisting temptation when they recalled past instances of resisting temptation along with their reasons for resisting.

Chicago Journals – News: “Embargoed Release: September 15, 2008
Contact: Mary-Ann Twist / 608-255-5582 / [email protected]

Anirban Mukhopadhyay, Jaideep Sengupta, and Suresh Ramanathan. ‘Recalling Past Temptations: An Information-Processing Perspective on the Dynamics of Self-Control’ Journal of Consumer Research: December 2008.

(Via Chicago Journals – News.)

First Take Stock

To lose your belly fat you need to understand where you are at. What is your BMI? Do you eat too many calories? Do you eat the wrong foods? Are you ready to make changes? 

Emotions can play a big part in both weight gain and in weight loss. They can in tell us that we’re worthy or that we are unworthy. They can reward us and they can deny us reward. They can motivate us to change or they can keep us locked into undesirable outcomes. What emotions drive you to eat too much? How long do those few minutes of relief and joy last compared to feeling healthy and strong? How does it make you feel compared to the way you feel when people treat you as though you are invisible?What emotion tells you not to work out? How much more did you get out of that extra 20 minutes of TV or even sleep that you would from feeling like a vibrant high functioning human?How do you feel when you get dressed and your clothes don’t fit? Or when you shop and none of the stores carry only one of each item above a size 8 and you got their too late?

Put aside a few minutes for yourself.  In your favorite spot, spend a few minutes getting in touch with how you are feeling and how you would like to be feeling.  Take a few notes. Do this at least once, but it you can do it a dozen times, then you’ll really see the patterns that you are living.Its complicated. And because of that overcoming Central Obesity is more that a diet or a lifestyle change, its about transformation.Please share your challenges in this area with us. We’ll use yourfeedback to help us build a site that is valuable to you. Thanks!