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How to Wake Up Your Brain and Metabolism

Research tell us that for the most part, people with CO tend to skip breakfast or like to eat it later in the morning. If you are one of those people that would rather not confront food as soon as you wake up, here’s a very quick tip that will give you big rewards.

TIP:  First thing, as soon as you wake up… while you make your coffee or before you do anything else. Drink an 8oz protein powder drink. There are lots of protein powder choices out there. I find that whey tends to dissolve better. 

If you are open to more activity and/or food turn it into a protein shake by mixing it in the blender with some fruit, preferably organic.

By having protein as soon as you get out of bed, you not only rev up you metabolism but you are also sending your brain a macro-nutrient for which its in desperate need.

Caveat: Without any fruit, it may not taste great, but you can get flavored powders that taste OK.  Besides, you’re still basically asleep so its easy to ignore the taste. 

Drink Lots of Cold Water

First of all, if you don’t, you should develop the habit of always drinking water.

If you drink you water chilled you will burn 27 calories more every day.

That may not sound like many calories, but look at the math:

1 lb = 3500 calories

3500 calories / 27 calories = 130 days

This simple tip has the potential of helping you loose (or not gain) 1 pound every 130 days.